Illinois GIS Day 2021 was a hybrid event held on Wednesday, November 17 as an annual showcase of advances in geographic information science and systems, as well as GIS and geospatial data science applications across domains including agriculture, business, health, and transportation. Faculty, students, staff, and industry leaders shared how they use geospatial data and GIS methods to address a wide array of social, environmental, and economic challenges.

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William Bernhard
Executive Vice Provost
University of Illinois
Illinois GIS Day
Illinois GIS Day
Arindam Banerjee
Shaowen Wang
Shaowen Wang and Arindam Banerjee
Career Panel
Michael Kamin, Mark Yacucci, Matt Hiett, Michael Minn
Michael Kamin, Mark Yacucci, Matt Hiett
Michael Kamin, Mark Yacucci, Matt Hiett
Bob Rauber
Director, School of Earth, Society, and the Environment
University of Illinois
Graduate poster competition award winners
Wataru Morioka, Arpita Banerjee, Fikriyah Winata, Bob Rauber
Post-panel discussion
Michael Kamin, Mark Yaccuci, Seonghun Lim

Photos by Heather Cupps-Miller and Fikriyah Winata

Agenda | Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Online via Zoom

Online via

Illini Union, Rooms B and C (Simulcast on Zoom)

Student Poster Competition Gallery

2017 Poster Session

Illinois GIS Day 2021 included a virtual student poster competition with separate categories for undergraduate and graduate students. The principal authors of all submissions were University of Illinois students, although the work could be created in partnership with faculty advisors or collaborators. This event was held online in Gather.

Awards in each of the two categories included first prizes of $300, second prizes of $200, and third prizes of $100 (six prizes total). Awards were presented as gift certificates to the Illini Bookstore.

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Grace Bowen
Geography of the January Sixth Capitol Building Incident (undergraduate)
Julia Cogan
Communities Most at Risk for Wildfires in California (undergraduate)
Second Prize Undergraduate
Eleanor Hollas
Correlation Between Race and Food Insecurity in Atlanta and Rural Georgia (undergraduate)
Seonghun Lim
Food Accessibility and Crime in Chicago (undergraduate)
Zachary Pavlatos
The Diaspora of Major Ongoing Refugee Crises (undergraduate)
Jason Segal
The Spatial Distribution of EMS Stations and Areas Without THem in the United States (undergraduate)
Ruby Villa
Infested Bodies of Water in Minnesota Native American Reservations (undergraduate)
Third Prize Undergraduate
Anslie Waldrep
Correlation Between Median Household Income and Average SAT Reading Score (undergraduate)
First Prize Undergraduate
Aditya Allamraju
Soil Moisture Estimation in the Presence of Crop Cover Using Multi-Polarized Sentinel I SAR Data (graduate)
Falasy Anamelechi
Are the Facts Encouraging (graduate)
Arpita Banerjee, Jennifer Novak-Leonard, Andrew Greenlee, and Magdalena Novoa
What are the Current Data-informed Insignts on the State of Artists and the Arts Sector in Illinois? An Assessment Based on Federal and State-Level Data Sources on the Creative Sector in IL (graduate)
Second Prize Graduate
Caitlin C. Bloomer and Christopher A. Taylor
Capturing the Habitat of Missouri's Newly Discovered Species (graduate)
Colleen Elzinga, Stephanie Heniff, William Sander, Csaba Varga, William Marshall Brown, and Samantha Sander
Spatial Analysis of Socioeconomic Factors at Found Locations of Orphaned Mammals (Didelphis virginiana, Procyon lotor, Sciurus carolinensis, and Sylvilagus flrodanus) in Champaign County (graduate)
Quishi Huang
How Are Income and Population Distributed in Champaign-Urbana? (graduate)
Xinyu Jiang
Recently Two Decades CO2 Emissions in China Divided by Province and Economic Zone (graduate)
Anshita Kandhari
Recognizing Environmental Racism in Philadelphia through the Analysis of the Placement of Toxic Chemical Plants: Indication of Intersectionality in City Planning (graduate)
Gyu Dae Kim
Chicago Marathon Course Map for Elite Wheelchair Athletes (graduate)
Siddhesh R. Kudale
Assessing the Impacts of Gender Pay Disparity on the Residential Choice Location of Same Sex Couples: Research for Better Urban Planning Practice (graduate)
Forest Liu
Fertility Rate: Worldwide Crash in Children Being Born (graduate)
Alexander Michels, Jeon-Young Kang, and Shaowen Wang
ScalableAccess: Computing Travel-Time Polygons of Fine Spatial Granularity for Accessibility Analysis at Scale (graduate)
Wataru Morioka, Mei-Po Kwan, Atsuyuki Okabe, and Sara L. McLafferty
Local Network Dual K Function: A Statistical Method for Discovering Trends of Opening Store Locations (graduate)
Third Prize Graduate
Mike Qin, Su Han, Chaeyeon Han, and Chang Liu
Social Media and Visualization: Application of Multi-scale Geographically Weighted Regression (MGWR) on HIV (graduate)
G.M. Rahul
Estimation of Soil Erosion and the Impacts of Climate Change on the Songkhram River Basis by RUSLE Model Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques (graduate)
Sharanya Varma
Spatial Analysis of Location of Schools in the City of Sacramento - Implications of Racial Segregation (graduate)
Rongrong Wang
House Prices Changing in China from 2011 to 2019 (graduate)
Fikriya Winata
I Rarely Go Out During Working Days: Analyzing Space-Time Constraints Experienced by Indonesian Female Domestic Workers in Hong Kong (graduate)
First Prize Graduate
David Wright
Assessing Different Measures of Wealth Concentration in Champaign, IL: Median Household Income and Property Value by Acre Analyses (graduate)
Juanya Yu and Fang Fang
Overserved and Underserved? A Spatial Accessibility Evaluation of Public Health Facilities under Hurricane-induced Inundation in New York City (graduate)
Chishan Zhang
County-level Soybean Yield Estimation based on Probabilistic Bayesian-CNN Model Incorporating Phenology Dynamic (graduate)
Jianing Zhao
Can Parks Affect Crime in the Community? (graduate)
Yilun Zhao and Chunyuan Diao
Detect Spring Phenology of Temperate Forest with PlanetScope Data (graduate)

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