Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at the University of Illinois was our virtual celebration of GIS Day, the annual salute to geographic information science and technologies for achieving broad and transformative impacts. We celebrated the diversity of GIS applications and the capability of geospatial technologies to bring synergies in research and education across campus. We also focused on the contribution of our students to geospatial data science, geovisualization, and geospatial technologies. The event included a keynote speech, a networking event, and virtual student poster competition.


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Martin Mendez-Costabel holds an agronomy degree (BSc) from the National University of Uruguay, and two Viticulture degrees, one from The University of California at Davis (MSc) and the other from The University of Adelaide in Australia (PhD). He has worked for over a decade in the agricultural sector covering a wide range of precision agriculture-related roles, including data scientist and GIS Manager for E&J Gallo Winery in California. Dr. Mendez-Costabel currently leads the geospatial data asset team at Bayer’s Products and Engineering organization within the IT department, where he drives the engineering and adoption of global geospatial data assets for the enterprise.

Martin Mendez-Costabel - A Geospatial Journey: Putting Data on a Map

Student Poster Competition Gallery

The 2020 virtual Illinois GIS Day included a virtual student poster session and competition. The principal authors of all submissions were University of Illinois undergraduate or graduate students, although some posters were created in partnership with faculty advisors or collaborators. This event was conducted entirely online.

Awards were presented at the 1 pm awards ceremony, and included one first prize of $300, two second prizes of $200, and three third prizes of $100.

Click the thumbnails below to view the full-size poster PDF files.

Christopher Buckley
Gun Crimes and Trauma Center Location in Chicago
Weiye Chen, Shaohua Wang, Shaowen Wang
OD-Based Mobility Hotspot Pattern Exploration with Enhanced Spatial Clustering Methods
Breakout Room #5
Third Place Winner
Augustyn Crane
Texas/Mexico Border Traffic
Breakout Room #4
Yessica Dominguez
The Strangest Japanese Festivals
Timothy Elliot
The New Home of the Skyscraper
Breakout Room #1
Emmanuel Estrella
Early Mapping of Mars vs Modern Mapping of Mars
Breakout Room #1
Alex Floeckher
Spatio-temporal Trends in Human Caused Wildfires in Colorado: 1980-2016
Evin Hook
Correlation Between Mean Household Income and Prison Placement in Utah
Breakout Room #4
Reagan Humphrey
Changing Demographics in Chicago
Amina Jackson
Fatal Aircraft Accidents: 2010-2019
Breakout Room #2
Junghwan Kim and Mei-Po Kwan
Assessment of Sociodemographic Disparities in Environmental Exposure Might be Erroneous due to Neighborhood Effect Averaging: Implications for Environmental Inequality Research
Breakout Room #2
First Place Winner
Minkyu Kim
Evacuation Location in Response to Silverado Wildfire Incident
Breakout Room #4
Thomas Kraweic
Theft in Chicago with COVID-19
Sarah Lee
Optimized Hot Spot Analysis of Reported Illegal Dumping Sites in WyCo
Yong Liang, Zhiyu Li, Nattapon Jaroenchai, Anand Padmanabhan, Su Yeon Han, Shaohua Wang, Shaowen Wang
WhereCovid-19 Space-Time Explorer Web App
Breakout Room #4
Ben Liebersohn, Dr. Su Han, Mike Qin, Yuchen Zhang, Bin Peng
Social Media and Visualization: Human Mobility During A Pandemic: Chicago and the Illinois Stay At Home Order
Breakout Room #4
Esther Lin
Undiscovered Gems
Breakout Room #2
Dong Liu, Mei-Po Kwan, Zi-Han Kan
Identification of Vehicles' Refueling Activities Using Space-Time GIS
Breakout Room #5
Second Place Winner
Abigail Long
Spatial Analysis of Ecotourism and Economies of Countries
Breakout Room #1
Justin Mansfield
AOC: A Biographical Map
Alexander Michels, Jeon-Young Kang, and Shaowen Wang
An Exploration of the Effect of Buyer Preference and Market Composition on the Rent Gradient using the ALMA Framework
Breakout Room #5
Third Place Winner
Wataru Morioka, Atsuyuki Okabe, Mei-Po Kwan, Sara L. McLafferty
Exact Statistical Method for Analyzing Co-location on a Street Network and Its Computational Implementation
Breakout Room #5
Second Place Winner
Kathryn Niermann
Analyzing Global North vs. Global South: Does GDP Usually Predetermine a Country's Ability to Commercialize Fishing?
Breakout Room #2
John Palmer
How Location Correlates to Homicide in the City of Chicago
Benjamin Pankow
Understanding the Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh
Breakout Room #1
Jacqueline Shon
The Spatial Distribution of Confederate Symbols and Race in Louisiana
Third Place Winner
Rebecca Vandewalle, Anand Padmanabhan, and Shaowen Wang
Geospatial Fellows combat COVID-19 with CyberGISX
Nicholas Wang
Distribution of Commercial Network Resource of the United States
Breakout Room #5
Jason Webb
Farmland's Effect on Local Water Quality
Breakout Room #2
Cheyenne Wendell
Low Access to Grocery Stores as Diabetes Risk Factor
Breakout Room #4
Fikriyah Winata
Using GIS and Activity Space Approaches to Understand the Space-Time Constraints Experienced by Indonesian Female Domestic Workers in Hong Kong
Breakout Room #1
Tianyang Xu
The Impact of Glines Canyon Dam to Elwha River After Its Construction and Removal
Yiheng Zhou
Wildfires, Climate Change and Population Dynamics in U.S.

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